The Important Role of UX Process in Business

UX Process

We all know that the main purpose of each business is to reach customers’ demand as well as satisfied the consumers’ needs in order to gain profits and achieve the market. However, it is not an easy thing when the world’s economy is flatted and also created an equitable competition for all kinds of businesses; especially in e-commerce market. In this case, UX process (User Experience Process) has been introduced and used widely in recent years to help the companies can improve and develop fully their products or services. Relying on analyzing and understanding customers’ reactions, the companies will adjust or change their products or services in order to satisfied and gain the position in the market.

What is the different between UX process and Survey process?

Some people hear about UX, they might think it sounds like a survey process because the main purpose of both processes is to know and analyze the customers’ opinions in order to improve fully the products or services. In fact, UX and survey are really different because of its working processes:

  1. UX is not just researching the customers’ opinions. While survey process requires the employees have to collect customers’ opinions through documents from an campaign or online survey, then the directors or managers will give the final solutions to improve the product base on the information from the collected documents, UX process is an process which is collecting, researching and analyzing customers’ opinions, then UX designers will design and experience the products or services to help them can improve fully and effectively the products before entering it to the market as well as they can reach and satisfied final customers.
  2. Unlike survey, UX designers must predict the consumers’ behaviors or feeling when they are using the new products or services, they can also ask their friends and some customers experiencing the products or services after creating or improving the products in order to know that the companies still need to change the products or services or not.
  3. Although survey process is more quickly, its results are not reliable and efficient than UX process.

The benefits when we are using UX in our business

With the rapid growth in economy, UX plays an important role in the development of each business because it allows them to research as well as understand deeply customers’ demands and satisfied them with the high quality products or services. In several years ago, most businesses only focus on the quality of products because they think that the good products or services will always bring them the high number of customers with numerous of profits. Nowadays, when the market is flatted with diversified industries, it is really difficult for the business can gain a fixed position in the market; especially, in e-market which is known as e – commerce, focuses the amount of people who join to trade, purchase and sell their products through on the internet, such as Amazon or EBay. Actually, UX has a really necessary role in the achievement of these businesses because:

  1. UX process allows for the companies have an awareness about the customers’ reaction and feeling when they using the products before entering it to the market.
  2. Through UX research, the companies can improve effectively the products or services.
  3. UX will also help the company can reduce effectively unnecessary parts on the website (e-commerce) in order to prevent misunderstanding or complicatedly use for the users.
  4. When applying UX process, it will help the companies improve fully and effective the necessary features on the website in order to help the customers can find what they want or need in an easy way.

Although it is clear to say that UX is really helpful and useful for the e-commerce because of its positive results on the growth of the business, it requires the UX designers must understand deeply about UX process before applying it. Besides that, some large companies also require the UX designers have a lightly understand customers’ psychology because it is really necessary and important to know what do the customer want and why do they need these kinds of products or services in their life in order to bring the business to the success.