Why Does UX Need User Centered Design Principles?

user centered design principles

User Centered Design PrinciplesIt is clear to say that UX process is having an important role in the developing of the website or app. It also has a large contribution in the growth of each business. However, UX process only works fluently and bring effective results on the business when it has a cooperation between these people:

  • UX designer (UX developer)
  • UX researcher
  • Product designer
  • Visual designer

Why do we need these people while we need to user centered Design Principles?

In fact, user centered Design Principles is the basic method to help the UX designers making UX process works more easily, but we also need these four people to make the products or service work effectively and satisfy customers’ demand.

  • UX researcher is the one who is responsible for researching the customers’ thinking and reactions when they use the website or services of the business to help the product designer creating a final service or product to the consumers.
  • Product designer is the person who is responsible for designing the products or services base on the collected information from UX researcher. In some company, the product designer also work as UI developer, UX researcher or visual designer.
  • Visual designer is the person who is responsible for designing the icons with symbols and words to make the picture become more attractive to the customers.
  • UX designer – this person plays a really important role in UX process because he is the person who is responsible for designing, maintain and developing the website.

Should we hire a group of UX employees or a professional UX designer?

There are so many companies decide to hire variety kinds of employee from different careers in order to improve fully the quality of services. For example, a cinema company will hire different kinds of employees from different occupations to join and run their UX process, such as UX designer, service designer, furniture designer or graphic designer to develop fully and effectively the cinema with the purpose to attract more customers. Besides that, some large companies decide to hire a professional UX designer because they think the professional designer will bring better result in improving the quality of website and services as well as they can save much money from hiring a group of UX employees. Actually, there are some huge advantages when we are hiring a professional UX designer:

  • They know how to user centered Design Principles effectively in order to design an efficient website and easily use for all the users.
  • When we hire a professional designer, we can save much money because they have the numerous of abilities and skills:
    • Research skill
    • User modeling which includes persona and scenario creation
    • Prototyping paper and visual basic
    • HTML/CSS
    • Interaction and interface design
    • Graphic and sound design
    • UI developer
    • Software and Hardware development knowledge
    • Product and information design
    • Writing skill
    • Project and time management
    • Visual communicate

There are the numerous of skills and abilities that a professional UX design has, and you can find more on some articles on the internet. Although most people said that hiring a professional designer with the amounts of skills will help them save much money, the salary of the professional designer is really high, and it is up to $90,000 per year. Thus, depending on the company size and budget to hire the suitable UX designer in order to help the company improve and grow up the business.

What is the different between the professional UX designers and the normal UX designers?

There are not much differences between the professional UX designers and normal UX designers because they need to follow the flow as well as the process steps which are:

  • Generating the idea and creating a product or service base on the knowledge about customers’ psychology and reactions when they are using the services in the given situations.
  • After creating the product or service, they have to create user testing campaign to have consumers’ opinions when they experience the new product and service.
  • Relying on the customers’ reactions and feeling, the professional UX designers will improve fully the service or product before sending it to the market.