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Why Does UX Need User Centered Design Principles?

user centered design principles

User Centered Design Principles: It is clear to say that UX process is having an important role in the developing of the website or app. It also has a large contribution in the growth of each business. However, UX process only works fluently and bring effective results on the business when it has a cooperation between these people: UX designer (UX …

Introducing the Design Process Steps for UX & Engineering

Design Process Steps

Nowadays, each business has decided to build a website to help the customers can research the products and services that they are supplied easily as well as helping the company gain more revenues and profits. Most of companies from low to large size have hired some web designers or web developers to design process steps in order to build, maintain …

The Important Role of UX Process in Business

UX Process

We all know that the main purpose of each business is to reach customers’ demand as well as satisfied the consumers’ needs in order to gain profits and achieve the market. However, it is not an easy thing when the world’s economy is flatted and also created an equitable competition for all kinds of businesses; especially in e-commerce market. In …

Mind Mapping Time Management Ideas

mind mapping time management

  What is Mind Mapping? Mind mapping graphically represents tasks, words, ideas, and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool to structure information, helping you to better analyze, understand, synthesize, recall and create new ideas. Mind mapping at its root is very simple. Instead of linear note taking, mind mapping works more similar to how your brain actually works. Instead …

Design Thinking Quick Reference Guide

design thinking phases

Design thinking is an approach to problem solving defined by these key attributes: Emphasis on discovery before solution using market based research focusing predominately on user experience Challenges our comfortable thought process and examines all variables for problem definitions and possible solutions Openly and joyously embraces collaberation Committed to real world experiences and rapid prototyping over historical data analysis When looking to solve …

Internet of Things (IoT): Real World Security & Why its Important

Internet of Things

 What is the Internet of things? The internet of things is the idea of products you use everyday–from your refrigerator to wearable devices using built in sensors to collect data and share with the network. The data collected is sent to a management application where its filtered, analyzed, and used to make a decision for the end user.This growing network …

Raising Startup Capital, your Crowdfunding Starter Pack

Raising startup capital

 What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is collectively raising capital for your startup with the help of friends, family, investors, customers and whoever else that’ll help. Rather than going to the bank and asking for traditional financing, crowdsourcing allows the business more flexibility to gain funding. Types of crowdfunding for raising startup capital Donation–based crowdfunding Any type of money given to an …

What is the Best Way to Teach Kids Computer Programming? 5 Beginner Resources

Teach kids computer programming

Teach Kids Computer Programming: Teaching your kids to code should be of interest to all parents. Information technology is one of the fastest growing and most gainful means of employment in today’s job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job oulook for software developers is expected to increase 17% over the next 10 years (BLS Software developers outlook). …

Your Ultimate Guide to Cord Cutting in 2016, An UnBiased Review

Cord Cutting Guide

Here’s my personal cord cutting setup for context before we dive into ditching cable. Cable Provider – Xfinity (cable card only) Display Boxes – 5 rooms Room 1 (Family Room) -Tivo Roamio Room 2 – Tivo Mini & 1 Apple tvs, Room 3 & 4  – Apple TVs in each Room 5 (Computer Room) – HD Homerun Prime, XBOX One …