Fetty Wap “Flip Phone” Video [New Video]

Fetty has not had the overwhelming presence that he did in 2015, but he’s kept the same output that is prolific. Like Flows, Money Hoes & before it, the new job Zoovier of Fetty keeps the positions low, using the New Jersey rapper adhering nearer to the heartbeat of rap instead of hunting for hits. “Flip Phone” is a fresh tune that failed to appear on the tape, but remains consistent with all the rapper’s most recent launch. The track finds Fetty taking his melodic flows into a beat that includes the piercing siren sound popularized by 808 Mafia, making to get a tune that could fit comfortably inside a playlist of the largest rap tracks in Atlanta.

The video keeps matters likewise straightforward, revealing Fetty and bending their jewelry and his team turning right up in the studio, grasping bottles of Hennessy.